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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog, Volume 79 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog, Volume 79 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sociology, B.A.

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CIP Code: 45.1101

HEGIS Code: 2208

Senior Capstone

Auxiliary (6 credits)

  • 3 credit(s)   OR
  • 4 credit(s)

  • 3 credit(s)

  • Department Colloquia: All Sociology Majors are expected to attend at least one of four colloquia on career and research topics offered annually by the Department.


  • Education Certification: Sociology majors seeking initial teaching certification (grades 7-12) in Social Studies should consult the Education Department head for specific requirements in Education. They must meet all the requirements listed above, except that they are only obliged to take a total of 30 hours in Sociology. The following are also required: Three hours in Economics, three hours in Political Science, and 21 hours in History, including the College core requirement of three hours in History. The program must include six hours in each of three areas: European History (e.g., HIST 101  or HIST 190 , HIST 102 , HIST 103 ); United States History (e.g., HIST 104 , HIST 105 ); non-Western History, as well as three hours in NY State history (HIST 266 ). Finally, six hours of college language other than English are required. American Sign Language (ASL) is accepted as fulfilling this requirement. The Sociology Department requires a minimum 3.1 GPA overall and a minimum 3.1 GPA in Sociology courses for Sociology majors seeking certification in Education.

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