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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog, Volume 80 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog, Volume 80 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Department

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Meet the English Faculty
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As its principal mission, the English Department seeks to foster an understanding of and appreciation for literature. To realize this mission, the department is committed to: teaching literature that represents the cultural diversity of our society; encouraging students to think critically and to express themselves clearly; extending our students’ critical vocabulary and familiarity with literary history; and helping students integrate their Franciscan liberal arts education by making them aware of the many links between literature and other fields.

Through the English major, the department seeks to provide not only a strong background in American and English literary history, but also a variety of approaches to literature - thematic, structural, generic, cultural, and gender-related. Courses in advanced writing, oral communication, creative writing, and journalistic writing aim to develop thoughtful and creative self-expression. A program in English education prepares students for careers in teaching at the secondary level. An internship program provides students with practical experience in print and broadcast journalism, public relations, and other professional fields. A series of honors seminars challenges our best students to explore - at an in-depth and scholarly level - particular writers, themes, or literary and cultural topics.

A final mission of the English Department is to enhance the cultural and intellectual climate of Siena College through, among other things, encouraging scholarly research and publication by the English faculty, sponsoring a visiting writing series, advising a student literary club and journal, and supporting interdisciplinary programs.

The English Honors Program offers a series of special topics seminars for outstanding students. This student-centered program is designed for those who seek an intellectually exciting and collaborative learning experience. Instruction is conducted in seminar format, with students encouraged to take an active role in determining the direction of the class. The seminars allow close communication and interaction between a small number of students and the faculty, enriching the learning process. Entering students are invited to join the Great Books seminar on the basis of their high school record and SAT scores. Upper division Honors seminars are open to qualified students in any major with permission of the instructor. Students in any major who complete a minimum of four Honors seminars (or three Honors seminars and one Honors section of a course) with an average of B+ or better, and maintain a cumulative index of at least 3.3, are eligible for a Certificate of Honors in English upon graduation. 


    Bachelor of ArtsBachelor of Arts with CertificationMinor



      The English core requirement is satisfied with ENGL 101 , ENGL 190 , or transfer credit for literature courses. ENGL 101  (or ENGL 190 ) is a prerequisite for all of the ENGL courses. Transfer students may be allowed to satisfy the core requirement with Siena upper level literature courses. See English Honors Program section for additional listings.

      English Honors Program

      Permission of the instructor is required prior to enrolling in any Honors Seminar. The topics vary from year to year, which allows the student to repeat Honors courses with different subject matter.


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