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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog, Volume 81 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog, Volume 81 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Support Services

Academic Success Center (ASC)

Siena College recognizes academic advising as a critical component of the educational experience of its students. Academic advising is a process of problem-solving and decision-making through which a student explores and seeks information from professionals of the campus community. It is marked by a dynamic relationship between proactive students and advisor/mentors who act as teachers and guides in this interactive partnership. Students are assigned a faculty advisor in their declared major or for undeclared students, a faculty member in the School within which they are declared.  Students who enter the College without selecting a School may be initially assigned to a Student Success Advisor in the ASC until declaring a major or School. In addition, the Academic Success Center provides professional advising to any student needing: drop-in assistance; help with College procedures or advising concerns; or, assistance when a faculty advisor is unavailable. In this way, the College facilitates high quality academic advising for all Siena students. We are located in the Fr. Ben Kuhn House.

SSAA-001. Siena 101 (1 credit)
This is a one credit pass/fail course for incoming first year students. Some sections are designed for incoming first year or transfer students during the fall and spring semesters. Students learn how to improve study habits and time management and explore major options and other topics that can assist with their academic progress. This course gives students an opportunity to connect with an administrator who will serve as an additional point of contact.

Other sections of SSAA-001 are designed for transfer students or for students on academic probation. For a student’s first semester on Probation, it is a required one credit pass/fail study skills course called LEAP I that the student takes in the semester following placement on probation. Students on academic probation for a second or third semester take LEAP II or LEAP III and will have individual meetings with a professional member of ASC to review their academic progress and strategies for success.

Siena Enhanced Educational Development (SEED)

The Siena Enhanced Educational Development (SEED) program provides individualized support to increase the persistence and retention of student participants. A program student must be admitted to Siena as a SEED student. Students sign cooperative agreements to participate fully in the goals and activities of the program, including but not limited to:

  • One-on-one meetings with the Director
  • Dedicated tutors for courses, as appropriate
  • Study Sessions
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Individualized Academic Advising plan
  • Student Success course

Students receive services throughout their time at Siena. Questions should be directed to Holly Cheverton (hcheverton@siena.edu), SEED Director, 518-783-2323, 110 Kiernan Hall.

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Susan Ambrose, ESOL Specialist and Associate Director for International Student Services 

ESOL-115. ESOL Communication (Intermediate) 3 credits
ESOL Communication (Intermediate) is designed to develop intermediate students’ knowledge of American English classroom participation, reading, and writing conventions so that they can become fully engaged members of Siena’s academic community. It is a highly communicative class that requires student engagement with the course material. Students are presented with activities to improve all language skills with an emphasis on grammar. New students may be notified and automatically placed in this course based on reported language proficiency upon admission. At the start of the semester students will take a language assessment. Students may repeat ESOL 115 once for credit. Through classroom discussions, presentations, and reflection papers, students gain confidence in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and providing peer feedback. Students are also introduced to the methods of doing research and citing sources. 

ESOL-120. ESOL Communication (Advanced) 3 credits
ESOL Communication (Advanced) is designed to develop advanced students’ participation, reading, and writing conventions so that they can become fully engaged members of Siena’s academic community. Through classroom discussions, presentations, and reflection papers, students gain confidence in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and providing peer feedback. Students are also introduced to the methods of doing research and citing sources. New students may be notified and automatically be placed in the course based on reported language proficiency during the admission process. At the start of the semester students will take a language assessment and their progress will be tracked throughout the course.

ESOL-220. Academic Writing for ELLs 3 credits
Academic Writing for ELLs is designed to enhance students’ knowledge of American English academic writing conventions and to facilitate improvement in their writing skills across written genres by exploring the processes of writing: comprehending, analyzing, and evaluating college-level texts; inventing, drafting, and revising; and seeking, providing, and responding to constructive feedback. Students also explore the methods of doing research and citing sources. Through classroom discussions based on assigned readings, in-class activities, writing assignments, peer reviews, and reflection papers, students are expected to gain confidence in writing, revising, and providing feedback to others’ writing. Students will take a language assessment at the beginning of the course, and progress will be tracked during the semester.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services are available through the Academic Success Center to all students currently registered at Siena College and enrolled in courses taught by Siena faculty. Group and individual peer tutoring are available during both the fall and spring semesters at no additional cost.

Tutoring can play a proactive role in academic success. Our trained peer tutors can help clarify difficult concepts, suggest study strategies, and assist students in developing plans for success in their courses. When combined with appropriate use of faculty office hours, tutoring can enhance academic performance and improve a student’s overall classroom experience. Students are encouraged to make use of tutoring services throughout their time at Siena.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free in-person and online assistance to all students, faculty, and staff. Knowledgeable, highly-trained peer and professional writing consultants provide objective, critical responses to assignments and projects in any subject and at any stage in the writing process. Whether support is needed with writing, reading comprehension, or oral communication, consultants help generate ideas, organize arguments, clarify purpose, and identify an audience. They share strategies writers can use when revising their work. Students are encouraged to visit the Writing Center several days prior to due dates and to plan to follow up with subsequent appointments.

The Writing Center welcomes ALL writers: less-experienced and apprehensive writers who may need to work on basic writing skills as well as more advanced writers looking for constructive feedback. Our professional consultants specialize in assisting English Language Learners (ELLs). They help students read, write, and speak in English or even with non-academic communication issues. Visiting writers interested in set-weekly appointments with the same peer consultant/mentor are encouraged to register for the Writing Center Mentor Program. Finally, our Writing Ambassadors work within the community to establish writing centers at area secondary schools.

Students interested in joining the Writing Center team are encouraged to apply for Writing 240: Peer Tutoring in Writing, a community-engaged tutor training course. For more information, please contact our director, Anne-Godson-Glynn, at aglynn@siena.edu.

Additional details about our mission, services, and hours of operation are posted at siena.edu/writing. The Writing Center is located in L09 on the lower level of the Standish Library. Appointments may be scheduled online or by telephoning (518) 783-4125.

Career and Internship Center (CIC)

Choosing and finding a career takes time, effort and work, but the rewards are unlimited! The Career and Internship Center (CIC) serves all Siena students and alumni as they pursue their career and postgraduate options. The office serves all class years, majors, and alumni in achieving their career and professional goals. Services provided by CIC can be utilized throughout each step in the discovery process. Even if just starting out, students are encouraged to meet with professional career counselors to help them “figure it all out.” Start early and come often to the CIC.

There are a wide range of services, programs and resources offered. Online self-assessment instruments are available to assist students with deciding on a major or career path. CareerSaint, the recruiting database, lists opportunities for on and off campus employment, work study and internship positions, as well as on campus interviews. Appointments can be scheduled with professional counselors to discuss any career topic including: choosing a major, preparing a resume/cover letter, searching for an internship or professional position, preparing for interviews or applying to graduate school. Student Peer Career Advisors can assist with resume writing and general search questions. Career education programs and events including the 3 career fairs held annually are an example of the career development benefits offered to students. In addition, CIC offers a one credit Career Exploration course which is open to all students and an Exploring Majors and Careers course for undecided first year students. 

You can locate us in Foy Hall 203, on the first floor next to the theatre. More information and resources can be found on the internal website at https://www.siena.edu/offices/cic/. Appointments can be scheduled by visiting CareerSaint at https://siena-csm.symplicity.com/students/ or calling 518-783-2339. The education of a lifetime will take you many places, and CIC wants to help you get there.

Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships

The Center for International Programs advises students on many prestigious international scholarships and fellowships available to qualified students. Aligning with the College’s mission to create a more just, peaceable and humane world through educated leaders, fellowships help students find innovative means of fulfilling this commitment through study, teaching, and research. Prestigious international fellowships require strong academic performance, extracurricular and co-curricular engagement, demonstrated leadership experience, and international or intercultural activities. Fellowships advisors provide guidance for students at all points in the process - from pre-application to submission - and offer support through writing-intensive workshops, information sessions and individual appointments.