Jan 23, 2021  
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog, Volume 2 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog, Volume 2 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


General Requirements

Admission for these competitive progrmas is conducted on a rolling basis. Acceptance is based on a variety of factors which can include undergraduate academic performance, recommendation letters, prior work experience, and personal essay. 

When and How to Apply

  1. Candidates must submit a completed applications by visiting the Siena College Website. Below are links to the application listed by program.
  2. Candidates must submit Official Transcripts from all colleges and universities from which you have earned credit. Official transcripts from Siena College are not required.
  3. Official GMAT score results (if required). Please refer to the program’s application for further information.
  4. One to two letter(s) of recommendation written by a previous faculty member at your bachelor’s degree granting institution or professional reference. Please refer to the program’s application for further information.
  5. Current Resume including the following
    • Employment History
    • Certificates or Licenses Held
    • Volunteer/Extracurricular Activities
    • Leadership Positions
    • Honors/Awards
  6. Brief Personal Statement indicating:
    • The reason for pursuing the degree and/or advanced certificate program.
    • Intended long term career goals.
  7. Each completed application should be accompanied by a $50 application fee which is payable online. This fee is waived for Siena College undergraduate applicants and Siena College Alumni.

Admission for these competitive programs are conducted on a rolling basis.

International Applicants

Siena encourages applications from international students to both the undergraduate and graduate programs. In addition to the materials required for general admission, international students may be asked to submit additional supporting documentation, including proof of English profieciency, as outlined on the Admissions webpage for international students. Admissions requirements for special partnership programs, such as visiting or dual-degree, are likewise described on the admissions webpage.

Auditing Students

A student may audit a course with the approval of the academic advisor. The deadline date for declaring audit status is indicated in the Academic Calendar . The auditing fee is the usual tuition for the course and laboratory charges. A grade of AU is recorded if attendance standards are met. If attendance standards are not met, the grade of W is assigned. No academic credit is grated. An audited course may be taken for academic credit in the future, but all course requirements must be met at that time. An audited course does not count toward the 12 credit hours which must be amaintained per semester in order to remain eligible for most forms of financial aid.